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National Museum of Bukovina, more than museum !


The history of the establishment of the museum  beginns more than 100 years ago. On the 4th of January 1900, a few intellectuals from Suceava founded the Society ”Museum” with the purpose of maintenance and capitalization of the historical relics of the city for the public. This initiative appeared when, at the Princely Fortress of Suceava, cleaning operations of the ruins were carried out under the guidance of the architect Karl A. Romstorfer. On this occasion  plenty of medieval objects were discovered. The wish for the discovered pieces to remain in Suceava determined the teacher Iosif Fleişer to propose the opening of a museum in Suceava, as branch of the Cernăuți museum.



The cultural sites administered by the National Museum of Bukovina

The permanent exhibition of the History Museum  […]

The museum is located in a building situated in the […]

Located in a building which is a historic […]

Located in the centre of Mălini village […]

Bilca house museum dating from the […]

The Princely Fortress of Suceava built at the end […]

The general image of Bukovina Village […]

The building, documented mentioned in 1627 […]

Situated on the bank of the river […]

Reopened in 1953, is located in an old construction […]

Located in the centre of the Udeşti village […]

Solca house museum dates from 1670 […]


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