Data publicării: 6 January 2022

// Photography (professional with concluded contract)

  • 100 lei/hour

// Filming (non-professional/visitors)

  • 30 lei/hour

// Filming (professional – with concluded contract)

  • 300 lei/hour

// Other events fee (for example theatre, theatre for children, musical evenings, conferences etc.)

  • 3 lei/pers.

// Sale of in-house goods, as well as of goods deriving from third parties, through the shops of the museums:

Purchase Value Percentage Applied
1-20 lei


21-50 lei


51-100 lei


peste 100 lei


// Preventive archaeological research in order to receive the archaeological discharge permit, restoration-conservation services for goods from third parties – percentage costs:

  • 8% from the total estimate of works

// Guided tour fee at request

  • 50 lei/hour

// Copying, printing, scanning and creation of publicity materials polychromy

  • 3 lei/page copying, scanning A4
  • 5 lei/page creation+listing A4
  • 5 lei/page copying A3
  • 20 lei/page creation+listing A3

// Participation in activities of museum pedagogy

  • Educational activities (workshops lasting at least one week – with remunerated lecturers/coordinators) – 40 lei/person/week

// Participation in activities of museum pedagogy

  • Educational activities (workshops lasting at least one week, with own staff) – 20 lei/person/week

// Participation in activities of museum pedagogy

  • Educational activities (daily workshops with own staff) – 5 lei/person

// Participation in activities of museum pedagogy

  • Educational activities for adults (workshops lasting at least one week, with remunerated lecturers) – 90 lei/person/week

// Events at Vama church (weddings, christening services)

  • 200 lei/event

// Carriage renting (without horses)

  • 200 lei/hour/carriage

// Photography (weddings, christening services and other occasional personal events)

  • 200 lei/photo shooting

// Dress room fee Princely fortress

  • 5 lei/photo

// Medieval costume rental fee

  • 50 lei/suit

// Other events (civil society meetings, conferences, workshops etc)

  • 2 lei/participant (for: electricity, water, use of bathrooms, cleaning, consumables etc.)

// Library access fee/documentary funds

  • 10 lei

// Fee for scanning documents

  • 5 lei/page/document

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