The building, documented mentioned in 1627, was Miron Barnovschi’s house, Moldavia’s ruler, who donated it to Suceava’s Metropolitan Church in order to be transformed into an inn and so the income could be used for lighting “the holly relics”. The construction was registered in the records for the property zoning, as dwelling for the members of the imperial family when they went hunting.

By the end of the 18th century the building was bought by the baron Kapri and in 1856 was mentioned in the plan of the Suceava city under the name of the Princely Inn, on Kaprigasse street.

After 1918 the Princely Inn becomes private property and in 1962 passes into state ownership with the purpose of restoration and coming under the town-planning of Suceava city.

The restoration of the building was made between 1962 and 1966 from the basement until the roof, having in view the reconstitution of Moldavian medieval architectural elements. In 1968 there was opened the first permanent exhibition of ethnography organized in ethnographical categories. In 1982 the permanent exhibition was reorganized according to other museum criteria and that is the presentation of the six geographical areas of the Suceava county (Fălticeni, Humor, Dorna, Rădăuţi, Câmpulung Moldovenesc, Suceava), a part of them being kept even today at the floor of the building.  These areas are defined by the decorative particularities of the compositions and of the chromatic preferences which can be found again on costumes and fabrics, by the professions and traditional trades or by specific habits.

The reorganization of the ground floor, finished in 2003 reconstitutes an inn from the period of the 18-19th century which hosted important guests, high officials, merchants who wandered through commercial routes and reached Suceava’s fair.

The epoch atmosphere is illustrated by the reconstitution of the heating system completed by the fabrics for the interior, the pottery objects or the pieces connected to transport and hunting from that period.

The interactive presentation, the authenticity of the exhibited objects render the richness, the uniqueness and the heritage value of the museum ethnographical collections, image of the culture and civilization in Bukovina.

The Princely Inn

Ciprian Porumbescu street, no.5, Suceava

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