”Ciprian Porumbescu” memorial house, reopened in 1953, is located in an old construction, of small sizes, the only building which has been kept from the former vicarage of the Stupca village  (today Ciprian Porumbescu), dwelled by the family of the priest, writer and Romanian militant from Bukowina, Iraclie Porumbescu, in the years 1865-1884. In the small rooms – the office of the priest and the summer kitchen – there is reconstructed  the atmosphere of that period with the help of the some certified exhibits: Mărioara’s piano, the sister of the composer, furniture, photographs, different objects which belonged to the family. On a beam in the roof of the house there still can be recognized Ciprian Porumbescu’s signature (18531883), scratched with a penknife when he was a child. In this calm environment, the young master Ţîprian created most of his compositions, which remained peerless until today.

Since childhood  I have had an aversion to alienation. I was so tied to my native land, to my paternal roof, with so much affection and love,… I have always found it difficult to move away even for a short period of time…  The fact that  this  native land has become more precious to me, goes without saying.”

Ciprian Porumbescu

Ciprian Porumbescu Memorial House Ciprian Porumbescu (Stupca) locality, Suceava county

Location: 24 km far from Suceava municipality and 23 km far from Gura Humorului, on DN 17  Suceava towards Ilişeşti, then on DJ 178 towards Ciprian Porumbescu village.

Phone: 0749.375.678; 0755.134.356

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 1. “Ciprian Porumbescu” Memorial House
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