Situated on the bank of the river from which borrowed its name, the Siret city knew a flourishing development  during Petru I Muşat (1375-1391). During  the period when it was princely residence, the city became an important centre of the economical, political, administrative and cultural life.

The archaeological  researches were carried out in the location of ”Ruina hill” – where there is a fortified settlement from the period of the Hallstatt A – and also in the location of Trinity Church between 1968-1969, 1972-1984 and continued between 1992-2005. They brought a significant contribution to the understanding of the evolution of the settlement without solving all the issues connected to the history of these places.

Gathering the items connected to the history of these places began in 1863. In 1871 ”The Society of the Museum of Siret” was formed. The activity of gathering the historical proofs is also continued after 1918 by the school teachers in the locality.

In 1985 there was formed the History Museum, whose subjects are the formation and development of medieval cities, East of Carpathians, where there are also presented many aspects of local history.

History Museum of Siret

Location: Strada 9 Mai 17, Siret 725500

Phone: 0230 280 996


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 1. Siret History Museum
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