It was inaugurated in 1971 in a grandiose building from the 18th century, former residence of the aristocrat Dimitrie Costin. Placed in an old and impressive park with venerable trees and rare species (dendrological park), the museum shelters a large memorialistic-documentary exhibition. With the help of its original exhibits ( the piano, the cello, the stick, the violin bag, the votive album offered by Ciprian to his sweetheart, Berta Gorgon, period furniture, photographs, publications, posters, numismatic or philatelic pieces) the museum evokes the significant moments in the life and activity of the composer Ciprian Porumbescu (1853-1883), the founder of modern Roamanian music, the one who, with an exceptional creative talent left us lasting works: Ballad for Violin and Piano, Romanian Rhapsody, The Song of Tricolor, The Hymn of Union (On our Flag), The operetta Crai Nou etc.

Near the museum, in the courtyard of the church of the village there is the crypt of the Porumbescu family.

Ciprian, like his father Iraclie, was Romanian from top to toe, summing up in his artistic soul all the distinctive notes of the Romanian soul, as it is revealed in the mournful accents of doina (Romanian lyrical folk music) and in the rhapsodic  happyness  of the horas (Romanian round dances). All the joy  of his people reflected upon the soul of the great artist and the sufferings shaked him in his most hidden wrinkles. The needs and worries of the people are reflected through the soul of the artist in all the compositions which Porumbescu left us.

Dr. Valeriu Branişte

Ciprian Porumbescu MuseumCiprian Porumbescu (Stupca) locality, Suceava county

Location: 24 km from Suceava municipality and 23 km from Gura Humorului, on DN 17 Suceava towards Ilişeşti, then DJ 178 towards Ciprian Porumbescu commune.

Phone.: 0749.375.678; 0755.134.356


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