Solca house museum dates from 1670 and is included on the list with monuments of folk architecture of Suceava county. Donated to the museum by Elisabeta Coturbaș, the house was assigned to the Gura Humorului Distric Museum between 1965-1985, after which it passed under the custody of Suceava County Museum (today Bukovina’s Museum).

Solca house museum is a construction made of beams with corner joints in ”swallow shape” with roof shingles . The walls are covered with clay and whitend and the chromatic contrast  with the wood joints and supports is a special one. It is split into two rooms  (kitchen and ”large house”), an entrance hall between them and in front of the entrance it has a turret with the roof consisting of three elements.

The interiors are organized according to the architecture of the local peasant houses of Bukovina. The clay floors, the ceilings with false beams and traditional furniture: bed, benches, cupboards, shelves, bottom drawers are completed by the fabrics for the interior which enrich the inventory of the house. The kitchen has a traditional owen with fireplace according to the pattern of heating devices in the area, as well as in the large house.

Located on the acces road towards Arbore and Humor monasteries, Solca house museum is a representative monument concerning the architecture of the dwelling houses and the organization of the interiors specific to the local area.


Solca commune, Suceava

Phone: +40-0230-216439

  • April – October : 10:00- 18:00
  • October – April : 9:00 – 17:00


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 1. Solca House Museum
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