Bilca house museum dating from the  second half of the 20th century was donated to the Ethnographic Museum of Bukovina (today Bukovina’s Museum) by the writers George Muntean and Adela Popescu in 2000.

George Muntean (1932-2004), member of various cultural organizations, and political person was also member of the Bukovina masonic lodge.

Bilca house museum is a construction with a room, an entrance hall and a room having the foundation made of river stone, the walls made of wood beams joining in „swallow” shape and roof shingles consisting of four elements. The interiors are furnished with traditional furniture: (beds, benches, cupboards, shelves, hallstands, bottom drawers) and the fabrics (rugs, carpets, woolen, hemp and cotton cloth decorating the hanging round beam), the icons and household ustensils illustrate the organization of the traditional houses, completed by personal objects which belonged to the family. The shed, the stables, the fountain and the wire fence covered by shingle complete the Bilca household, specific to this ethnographical area. The Bilca household illustrates the way of life, the domestic economy and the accommodation to the conditions of the environment and to  traditions in the course of time.

BILCA HOUSE MUSEUMSuceava,  Bilca communePhone: +40-0230-216439

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