Bukovina’s Museum, Suceava

The bases of the restoration activity in Suceava were initiated by the foundation of the Restoration laboratory within the Suceava County Museum in 1975. From the beginning there were organized different workshops which covered a large variety of techniques: textiles, painting, wood, pottery, metal , physico-chemical investigations and monuments conservation.

In 1986 the headquarters of the Restoration Laboratory was moved to Dragoș Voda Street, no. 14 where it functioned until 2007, when the old building knows a vast restoration process. This is the reason why, for the time being, the activity of the laboratory is carried out in a new building near the Bukovina Village Museum until the completion of the new headquarters.

Tle local Restoration-Conservation Laboratory is composed of the investigation section (physical, chemical and biological) and five specialized departments where certified experts in restoration of pottery, wood, metal, painting, textile and paper, carry out their activity.

Since 2008 within the Local Restoration-Conservation Laboratory of Bukovina’s Museum there has beeen operational the Monitoring Department of the UNESCO Monuments. It is made of specialized restorers and certified investigators for immovable and movable heritage, being the only one of this kind in the whole country.

As of 2010 the Local Conservation-Restoration Laboratory implemented the Quality Management System ISO 9001: 2008, an instrument which combined the restorations rules with the operational procedures specific to the  restoration activity, harmoniously.